The Odin Stone

About the Odin Stone

The exterior of the shop.

The Odin Stone opened in May 2007 as a purpose-built retail environment centred around locally produced quality art and craft work. It was created to showcase the very high standard of creativity and craftsmanship that is spread throughout the islands and to provide a convenient single location, for both visitors and locals alike, in a which to view this plethora of talent.

The impressive Odin Stone that stands in the exterior forecourt at the shop entrance was created using locally quarried stone. It is a gorgeous blue-grey in colour and has a large hole bored though it roughly a metre from the ground. For hundreds of years, Orcadians used the original Odin Stone near the Stones of Stenness (now part of Orkney’s World Heritage Site) to seal contracts and bind vows or cure ailments. This was done by clasping hands or passing the ailing body part through the hole swearing the ‘Odin Oath’. (For further information on the history and traditions connected with the Odin Stone go to

The interior of the shop.

The interior is light and spacious and furnished largely with natural materials, including local flagstone, wood, copper and glass and contains many features that reflect various aspects of Orkney’s history, archaeology, folklore and traditions. The aim was to design a visually interesting and atmospheric space that would encourage people to spend some time exploring and sampling the best that Orkney has to offer in all its rich diversity.