The Odin Stone


We currently have the work of over 50 local artists and craftspeople for sale and are always on the lookout for new or undiscovered talent.

Alongside the local work we also stock a range of interesting and beautiful products from further afield and a wide selection of attractive and unusual cards.

The Ba' Whisky

We also stock Orkney beers, wines and whiskys, including one labelled “the Ba’, Kirkwall”, a deliciously smooth 8yr old deluxe blend, bottled exclusively for us by Gordon & McPhail and only available in the Odin Stone. (For more information on this historic local game see the History page.)

Orcades - A hydrographical survey of the Orkney Islands

This map is a reprint of one of a series of five Orkney charts first published in 1750 and has been reproduced by the Odin Stone with the kind permission of Orkney Library & Archives. (For more information on The Mackenzie Chart see the History page.)

Dian-Stane (Thunder Stone)

In old Orkney folklore the 'dian-stane' was a talisman that offered protection & brought good luck. It was used by both fishermen & farmers alike, worn around the neck and hung in the home or stables, as it was believed to be especially effective at protecting horses.

Designed by Rachael Harris for the Odin Stone and produced by Tracey Laurenson in locally quarried stone, light and well packaged, the Dian-Stane is the perfect souvenir.